One of our favorite family traditions has been cutting our Christmas tree at one of the many different farms here at Green Bluff. Each year we choose a different farm. All of the Growers are our friends and each farm offers a different experience, so it has been fun to go visit all the farms throughout the years. We can’t imagine not cutting our own Christmas tree, hauling it home and enjoying the wonderful pine fragrance. After we haul all the Christmas boxes upstairs, we put in the movie How The Grinch Stole Christmas and start decorating.

To help you pick which farm to get your tree from, I put together a quick rundown of each farm. There are eight Green Bluff farms that sell Christmas trees and each farm adds their own Christmas cheer. But before you come up to the Bluff to cut your Christmas tree, please consider a few things.

  • Check the forecast so you can dress appropriately. It’s always a good idea to wear boots, the ground around the trees can be wet with snow or rain.
  • Bring sturdy gloves and something to kneel on when sawing down your tree. It can get a bit muddy or wet when cutting the tree down, but don’t let this stop you from a wonderful family adventure.
  • Many people plan for the height of the tree, but forget to measure for width. Consider taking a measuring tape with you. We have learned this from experience-sometimes we’ve had a hard time getting the tree through our door, or we don’t have enough lights for the whole tree.
  • When measuring the height, consider how tall your tree topper is and don’t forget the tree stand.  You can always trim several inches off the top of the tree when you get home.
  • Don’t forget some rope or bungee cords to tie the tree down if you are putting it on the top of your car.

Green Bluff Christmas Tree Farm

This is the farm that we chose to get our tree from this year. If you have ever gone wine tasting at Townshend Cellar, it will be easy to locate this farm.  The trees are located both behind the tasting room and across the street. We enjoyed their display of the four different kinds of trees they grow along with a short description hung from each. There was also a handy map displayed so you can easily find the tree you are looking for.  After you cut down your tree, they’ll even haul it back for you.

Things to know about this farm:

  • Hours: Wednesday – Sunday from 10-4 from Thanksgiving to Christmas.
  • Townshend Cellar tasting room open Friday-Sunday from 12-5.
  • Any tree, any size is $60 per tree. There is a 20% military discount, with $48 per tree. There is also a discount for Townshend wine club members.
  • They provide saws and will shake and bail your tree.
  • Click here here to visit there their website.

Walter’s Fruit Ranch

Did you know that this farm also has Christmas trees? It’s really fun to ride on the Fruit Loop to go find your Christmas tree. Then you can choose from a large variety of pies to take home and bake, which would be a great treat after you have your Christmas tree all decorated. They also have apples, fresh apple cider, and other goodies to take home.

Things to know about this farm:

  • Hours: Friday-Sunday from 10-4, until December 21st.
  • They provide saws and will shake and bail your tree.
  • Warm yourself up in the store with some hot apple cider.
  • All trees are $55.
  • Click here to visit their website.

Dietz Christmas Tree Farm

We love to visit this Christmas tree farm! The farm is so close we can ride our four wheeler over to get our tree. (Just don’t tell Jim Dietz that the dogs follow us😉) There are six different tree varieties to choose from. I love all the fun photo opportunities for your family, including a large picture frame that is perfect for your Christmas family pictures.

Things to know about this farm:

  • Hours: Daily from 9-4, starting from Thanksgiving to December 16.
  • They provide saws and will shake and bail your tree.
  • Hot chocolate by a cozy fireplace.
  • Santa Claus comes to visit on the weekends.

Hansen’s Green Bluff Orchard

This orchard does a wonderful job of providing families with memorable traditions. They added to their orchard in 2009, when they purchased 10 acres of Christmas trees. After you have selected your tree, go warm up by the fire and toast a few marshmallows. The kids can select a free ornament and apple. A special tree is displayed in the store for the Union Gospel Mission, just clothespin some cash to help the homeless community in Spokane. There are 10 varieties of trees to choose from. You can pay for your tree in the store.

Things to know about this farm:

  • Hours: Daily from 10-4 starting after Thanksgiving to December 2nd.
  • They provide saws and will shake and bail your tree.
  • All trees are $60 per tree. Military gets a 30% discount.
  • Free hot chocolate and coffee provided in the store.
  • Click here to visit their website.

Big Barn Brewing Company

Big Barn Brewing provides you with three different ways to select a tree. First, you can choose from a pre-cut tree right by the barn. Second, you can take a wagon ride to go cut your own tree on their farm. These trees are smaller and the wagon ride leaves the barn every hour on the hour. Third, you can drive over to Dietz Christmas Tree Farm in their lower lot and cut a tree there. These trees are larger and can be paid for at Big Barn. Stop by for two beers and two bowls of chili for $20.

Things to know about this farm:

  • Hours: Every Saturday and Sunday from 12-4. Last day will be December 21st.
  • They provide saws and will shake and bail your tree.
  • All trees are $70 (includes two beer and two bowls of chili)
  • Click here to visit their website.

Legacy Tree Farm

Mike and Lisa Beckman own and operate this Christmas tree farm and 238 Brewing Company, which is on the same location.  Lisa grew up on this farm and is the third generation to work on it. This year they are offering wreath-making classes. My daughter and I took one of the classes and had a lot of fun! Go to their Facebook page to find out about more classes to choose from. I also love how beautifully they decorate their farm for Christmas. After you select and cut your tree, stop in the Christmas barn for a bowl of chili or get a beer at the Alehouse(open from 11-5). Your children will enjoy visiting Santa and the scavenger hunt in the Christmas trees. This Christmas tree farm has something fun to do for the whole family!

Things to know about this farm:

  • Hours: Legacy Tree Farm is open Saturday and Sunday from 10-4. The Alehouse is open from 11-5.
  • December 1st and 2nd may be their last weekend open because they only allow a quota of trees to be cut every year.
  • They provide saws and will shake and bail your tree.
  • Click here to visit their website.

High Country Orchard

If you are looking for an old time Christmas tradition with a horse-drawn sleigh ride, then this may be the farm for you. You should purchase your tickets on their website first. This includes a 10-minute horse-drawn ride, with a tomato soup or potato bacon chowder in a sourdough bread bowl for lunch. The sleigh ride will take you to Sunset Orchard where you can select a Christmas tree. The tree will be tagged, shook and netted so you can pick it up later. The tree is sold separately through Sunset Orchard. This package deal is offered from November 23 to December 23. After your sleigh ride and lunch, you can shop for people on your Christmas list or stay and eat a piece of pie.

Things to know about this farm:

  • Hours: Monday-Friday from 10-4, Saturday from 10-5 and Sunday from 11-5.
  • The package includes a sleigh ride (wagon if no snow) and a soup lunch. $20 for adults or $15 for children who are 3 to 10 years of age.
  • Click here to visit their website.

Sunset Orchard On Green Bluff

Farmer Bill purchased this farm a few years ago and is busy making improvements each year. This year he has teamed up with High Country Orchard, to provide Christmas trees. Bill grew up in Montana with his mother growing and selling Christmas trees, so Bill has a lot of knowledge in this area. There is a large variety of pre-cut trees or you can cut your own tree.

Things to know about this farm:

  • Hours: Daily from 8-5, from November 23-December 23
  • They provide saws and will shake and bail your tree.
  • Warm up by the fire with free hot chocolate, hot cider or coffee.
  • The cost depends on the height of the tree.
  • Click here to visit their website.

Don’t forget to stop by Twilight Cider Works or Hierophant Meadery tasting rooms on the weekends to grab something for your special holiday gatherings.

All of the Green Bluff Growers want to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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