“I have been a Green Bluff Grower now for 18 years and one of the many questions that I get asked is, “Where should we go eat lunch on the Bluff?” In order to answer this question, I usually ask them several questions first…Who is going to lunch with you? Are you going with a family with children, girlfriends or couples? What type of foods do you enjoy?

I thought I should do some deeper research in order to better answer this question, and who better to help in the endeavor than Chandler, the Spokane Eats team, and Doyle Wheeler (Photographer @FilterNerd). So one summer day, armed with friends, cameras, a laptop, cellphones and big appetites, we went into full research mode.”


Beck’s Harvest House


Our first stop was Beck’s Harvest House. Todd and Kim Beck are second generation owners, along with his parents Gordon and Marilyn Beck. Both of these couples can be found working in and around the store or orchard throughout the week.

We sat out on the patio and sampled four different lunch choices and one breakfast dish.  Their Belgium Waffle with strawberries and whipped cream is reason enough to visit more than once for breakfast.  This is because they use whatever fresh fruit is in season, so you will want to come back to enjoy each seasonal fresh fruit Belgium Waffle. The lunch choices that we sampled were a Turkey and Cranberry Sandwich, Signature Reuben, a Club Sandwich and a vegetarian option of a Gourmet Grilled Cheese Sandwich. I’d definitely recommend the Gourmet Grilled Cheese and Signature Reuben!  

One item that we still haven’t stopped raving about is the potato salad. This is Marilyn Beck’s personal recipe that she still makes today. We were also huge fans of the pea, macaroni and bacon salad. 

Don’t leave Beck’s without trying some dessert. If you’re lucky enough to be there Thursday-Sunday, make sure you try their fresh pumpkin donuts. You’ve been warned. If you’re there on another day, try one of their scratch-made pies or blueberry cheesecake! Weird how that happens…


Walter’s Fruit Ranch

Our second stop was Walter’s Fruit Ranch. This is a great place to take kids for a quick, low-key meal. Out back, they have a fun spot for the kids to go burn off some energy. They can visit with farm animals, go through a special maze and play in a “sand” box. Jason and Morghan Morrell are second generation owners of Walter’s Fruit Ranch. Jason grew up on this farm, met his wife there and now they are raising their own family on the farm.

We were so happy to see that they sell Gyros. Owner, Jason, brought this special Gyro recipe back with him from San Francisco. Their Cherry Salad is loaded with bacon and topped with their own Walla Walla Sweet Onion & Honey Mustard dressing, which you can purchase in their store.

If your kids want a more traditional meal, they’ll be more than satisfied with Walter’s Cheeseburger. Walters Fruit Ranch is famous for their take and bake pies. There are so many to choose from (32 to be exact). We really enjoyed the Peach Huckleberry pie served with ice cream from Mary Lou’s Milk Bottle.


High Country Orchard 

Our third and final stop was High Country Orchard. Don and Teri Story, along with their family, own and operate the farm.

We enjoyed some nice time on their outdoor patio under the umbrellas. High Country Orchard is best described as a great spot to meet up with girlfriends for lunch. They have all of your classic lunch favorites like sandwiches, wraps, and salads, with some extra flair. Speaking of extra flair, you HAVE to try their Strawberry Basil Brie Panini. We were also fighting over the last bites of their Reuben. We all agreed it’s one of the best you can find in Spokane. This was our third stop and you’d think we were full, but their food was so tasty, we couldn’t stop nibbling!

They also have perfected their desserts. The cookies, ice cream, lemon bar, or caramel apple (seasonal) are the perfect way to end a fun day on the Bluff.


So, after a full day of eating and enjoying the bluff, we now feel more qualified to answer the common question “Where should we go eat lunch on the Bluff?”.


*A classic, delicious meal in a busy group setting (Breakfast, Lunch, or Dessert – pumpkin donuts on the weekend) any day of the week: Beck’s Harvest House


*A great spot to take the kids for a quick, carefree lunch and lots of activities: Walter’s Fruit Ranch


*Lunch with the girlfriends, sandwiches, salads, and ice cream : High Country Orchard


Now, we are on the the next mission to answer another frequently asked question,

“Where is a great place to relax and have a drink on the bluff?”. I guess it looks like we have another challenging day ahead of us…


This post was created in partnership with Spokane Eats, Beck’s Harvest House, Walter’s Fruit Ranch, High Country Orchard. 



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